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Our goal is to increase awareness and participation in the sport of handcycling, so if you’re interested in being involved in some way, please send us an email to introduce yourself.

Above all, Hand-Cycling is fun. So go on, get on your hand-cycle and come join us! Promotes hand-cycling as a sport and as a recreational activity. Hand-cycling is great exercise and helps keep you in good physical shape. You can be as competitive as you like or just ride your hand-cycle socially with your family and friends.

We support hand-cycle racing in Britain and in Europe, British hand-cyclists are pioneering downhill and other scary off-road activities and we organise our own longer distance road riding events where a group of hand cyclists will meet up for a ride.

Hand-cycling is becoming one of the world’s fastest growing disability sport, the speed and adrenalin in this new sport is very addictive and its recent inclusion into the Paralympic program only highlights its popularity. Classifications of both paraplegic and tetraplegic compete in time trials and road races of differing distances using cycles propelled by arm cranks. Hand cycling began in the 1980s as a recreational sport. Early equipment was hard to find, clunky, and expensive. The leap from “leg only” powered to “arm powered” was made by cyclists from within the ranks of the human powered vehicle movement. Ironically, the original hand cycle was not intended for someone with a disability. Nonetheless, the development made it possible for individuals of all abilities to experience the joy of cycling. Today, hand cycles reap the benefits of both the modern cycling industry and cutting-edge wheelchair technology, including light weight components, high pressure tires, wide-range gearing systems, hi-tech. seating systems, hydration systems, and ingenious steering systems for optimal handling.

Hand-Cycle Events

Looking for an event to take part in? Or maybe you have an event that you would like to add to our page? If so please get in touch. There’s something for all from top level races to a ‘have a go’ taster day.

Hall of Fame

Handcycling Hall of Fame is built upon the recognition of the competitors and contributors to the sport of Handcycling and Wheelchair Racing
To honour those who’ve made outstanding contributions to the growth Handcycling and Wheelchair Racing


Got that competitive spirit? Or would just like to have a ride out with other cyclists or handcyclists?
Whether you’re hosting your own event, or you’re an employer wanting to motivate your team.
Check out our events page.

Handcycle Specialist

We are working hard to compile a list of suppliers in whom you can trust. We get to know each of the suppliers we recommend so we can guarantee a quality service from start to finish.
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There are hundreds of ways you can raise money for your chosen charity. Interested in helping. Want to fundraise and have fun?  Whether you’re hosting your own event, you’re an employer wanting to motivate your team, or you’ve got an amazing idea for a fundraising challenge,