British Airways Run Gatwick, Half Marathon

Quest4hope and the 3 lions Supporting completed in the British Airways Run Gatwick, Half Marathon on Sunday 13th May 2018 Set over fully closed routes and taking us through Crawley town and the beautiful West Sussex and Surrey countryside around Gatwick Airport, we promise you something very special that you won’t have experienced before.

Quest4hope main aim is to promote a change in perceptions about the notion of disability for both animals and humans. The participation and involvement of disabled athletes for the cause of disabled animals is a novel concept, never before manifested in the UK.

The 3 LION’S aim is to promote a change in attitudes towards disability in animals, promoting integration and rehabilitation, and in turn reducing the prevalence towards euthanasia for viable animals that can be rehabilitated given the right conditions/environment.

The 3 LION’S completed in their first half marathon. 2 of the LION’S are disabled wheelchair users. Raising funds for the purchase of 10 doggy wheelchairs in support of

Why we did this?

The Lion’s aim is to bring awareness to the thousands of disabled dogs that go unnoticed. These dogs are overlooked because of “their defect” Help us to be the voice for the unbroken spirit of thousands of disabled dogs around the world. We pushed in our wheelchairs to give them a chance! We can only accomplish this with your support.

Please donate and share the crowd funding page,

Thank you for your support, because it never gets any easier, but Quest4hope will keep speaking out for those with no voice.