We recommend people wear helmets but recognise their limitations at keeping people safe. That’s why we believe it should be down to personal choice and oppose any form of compulsion away from organised events. Cycling is safe and if we applied the same philosophy we’d all be encouraged to wear helmets when in the bathroom, driving a car or walking down the street. What would make cycling much safer is if we implement the policies in #ChooseCycling such as redesigning roads and junctions with cycling in mind. This is what countries like Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands do and they have a much better safety record than us despite hardly anyone wearing helmets.

Bike lanes

If Britain is to become a true cycling nation then we need safe and convenient cycle lanes to help make cycling an attractive transport option to the majority of people. Two thirds of people say they would cycle more if there were better routes. Bike lanes on busy and fast moving roads are essential but on low speed roads (under 20 mph) the majority of people are comfortable sharing with motor traffic. Many bike lanes in Britain are poorly designed meaning existing cyclists will prefer to use the roads and potential cyclists will stay in their cars. Bike lanes must offer comparable journey times to other forms of transport and feel safe to the majority of people cycling in the Netherlands as an example.  See this video


It’s best to use all your senses while riding a bike but your hearing is far less important than your sight. People who are deaf can ride perfectly safely while on the road. In the end we should all be looking out for each other.

Red lights

All road users should obey the rules and this includes stopping at red lights. We would like to see greater enforcement of the rules starting with those actions which can cause the most harm.

Bike registration

Cycling causes little to no harm to other people and is closer to walking than it is to driving in terms of speed and mass. Therefore if we required cyclists to be registered and carry number plates we’d have to do the same for pedestrians.

Taxing cyclists

We all pay taxes to upkeep the roads through general taxation. Getting more people on bikes is extremely cost effective compared to other forms of transport and will bring massive benefits by saving the NHS billions, cutting congestion, reducing pollution and making nicer places to live.

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