1 Man, 1 hand-cycle, 2,500 miles 27 Days. Saving our oceans

Our oceans are in trouble, plastic pollution, overfishing and neglect are just a few of the problems. All fish and mammals that live here are in peril and need our help. This video aim is to bring awareness to the problems facing our oceans.

We need to protect our ocean world, all marine life is in danger of extinction or destruction, We need to address all issues that affect our water world, from sharks to whales, sea turtles to seals, invasive species, pollution, ocean warming etc. This is a vast subject but so important for our marine life and for us, if the balance is tipped much further the oceans will die, without a healthy ocean we risk our own extinction. We must protect our oceans for our children

We have the capability of changing the lives of a vast array of species around the world whose issues otherwise would not be exposed. I am dedicating my life every day to help raise awareness on these important issues. This challenge is only the beginning. Will you join with me and sign my petition and please share it around the world

I am hoping to get 100,000 children and adults to sign my petition asking the UK Government for more education in our schools on Climate Change and saving our oceans and beaches around the UK from plastic pollution. I will hand over the petition to Number 10 Downing Street. This is by no means a holiday and to make things even more challenging I’m doing this ride solo. Sponsor me and I will personally tell you more!!!



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