Quest4hope Supporting in Romania on an epic journey as part of the Quest4hope project to raise awareness to disabled disadvantaged children and disabled dogs in Romania. On 10th June Rob and his team completed a full marathon 26.2 miles on the streets of Romania followed by a 5 mile run with 10 disabled dogs, 50 disabled and disadvantaged children.

Disabled athletes and animal lovers came together to raise awareness for the challenges and opportunities facing disabled disadvantaged children and animals in Romania.

Quest4hope main aim is to promote a change in perceptions about the notion of disability for both animals and humans in Romania. The participation and involvement of disabled athletes for the cause of disabled animals is a novel concept, never before manifested in Romania.

Our secondary aim is to promote a change in attitudes towards disability in animals, promoting integration and rehabilitation, and in turn reducing the prevalence towards euthanasia for viable animals that can be rehabilitated given the right conditions/environment.

Promoting animal welfare principles and the need for enforcing tougher regulation regarding animal cruelty and abuse faced by pets, farm animals and wildlife, and working towards reducing the number of disabled animals generated through human intervention.

The participation and involvement of disabled athletes for the cause of disabled and disadvantaged children and Disabled animals are a novel concept, never before integrated in Romania. The race is not focused on achieving a specific race time, but rather on the coming together of people from different backgrounds with a common mission, on inclusiveness. The collaboration between the different causes and projects participating is very rare (if unheard of) in Romania. The common mission, of educating children and adults alike about the importance of open-mindedness and inclusiveness is extremely valuable and needed in the current climate.

Thank you for your support, because it never gets any easier, but Quest4hope will keep speaking out for those with no voice.