I am an endurance hand-cyclist adventurer at heart; I also hope to inspire others to achieve their own goals, relating to Quest4Hope “Hopefully it will inspire other people to get motivated, and gives people something to focus on.”

Quest4Hope project is all about, ‘Inspiring people to live healthy, active lifestyles, bringing family, friends, and people together, saving the planet and its entire species and to tackle their own quest4Hope

I Pledge to Hand-cycling 10,000 miles in the next three years with my international Quest4hope

Quest4Hope is a project to encourage you to connect with your passion in saving the planet and its entire species, to bring friends and people together and help others at the same time by being a voice for the voiceless

I love hand-cycling and the great outdoors and have always wanted to cycle around the world, so my personal Quest4Hope is to cycle a minimum of 10,000 miles around the world and the UK, involving a significant long hand cycle ride on each continent. I will hand-cycle on five continents with family friends;

I invite you to take on your very own Quest4hope. Invent your own challenge, or take part in one of the charity challenges found here on my web site It doesn’t matter how small or large it may seem, as long as it feels exciting, challenging and something that takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone. You may need a few drops of courage to face some fear and get started, but I am sure your journey will be special and that seemingly magical things will unfold. It could be any journey that inspires you.

If you can raise some funds through your challenge for one of my supported charities would be great

I hope to create something special and unique over the next 3 years and for anyone who wants to join me.

I have completed many hand-cycling events others believed impossible

July 2017 I hand cycled the coastline of the England, (saving our oceans) 2,500 miles in 27 days. Raising awareness to our polluted oceans