Rob Groves The Challenger

My challenge is to hand-cycle the coastline of England 2,500 miles over a period of 27 days. This challenge will be one of the toughest ever undertaken by a disabled hand-cyclist here in the UK.

Why such a tough challenge.

This question has been asked a few times I believe a sponsored challenge shouldn’t be easy. Undertaking this tough challenge is my way of demonstrating my dedication to the cause and when it comes to saving our oceans, I believe there is no better cause.

There’s is no doubt that this challenge carries a degree of risk (Busy roads, pot holes, punchers, and equipment failure etc.) The risks have been calculated and I am training hard to best prepare myself for all eventualities. I am use to pushing myself to the limit. The weather in July should be generally good, though it can be changeable especially in Cornwall and Carlisle where there is an increased chance of rain and strong winds. The prevailing wind direction will have more of an impact on the cycling than the rain.

I have hand-cycled 24-hour non-stop endurance cycle race, Hand cycled from Scotland to London over 600 miles in five days, supported many charities in various hand-cycling events. Each time pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve.

I aim is to raise awareness to the problems facing our oceans. Our oceans are in trouble, plastic pollution, overfishing and neglect are just a few of the problems. All fish and mammals that live here are in peril and need our help.

We need to protect our ocean world, all marine life is in danger of extinction or destruction, We need to address all issues that affect our water world, from sharks to whales, sea turtles to seals, invasive species, pollution, ocean warming etc. This is a vast subject but so important for our marine life and for us, if the balance is tipped much further the oceans will die, without a healthy ocean we risk our own extinction. We must protect our oceans for our children’s future.

Along the way i will be gathering 100,000 signatures from the public and schools in support of saving our oceans. I will be asking the UK government for more education in our schools on Climate change and saving our oceans and beaches around the UK from pollution. I will hand this petition into number 10 Downing Street. I will be raising Funds for 4 of my favourite charities (Sea Shepherds UK) (SIA. Spinal injury association) The Dolphin Project and (The Cycling Project)

But importantly this serves as a reminder as to why I am doing this challenge. The coastline around the UK is a vital part of the coastal ecosystem.

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