Coastline Challenge 2017

I am pleased to announce the six riders that will ride along side me on the last ten miles of my 2,500 mile coastline challenge into number 10 Downing Street on Friday 28th July 2017 2pm

Jack Farmer (AGE8)

Jack was diagnosed with Perthes Disease in Nov 2016. Previously Jack was a keen cyclist and currently lives in Hong Kong. Jack was lucky enough to cycle in several countries in SE Asia and competed in Duathlons and BMX races before his Perthes diagnosis. He had a femoral osteotomy so no more sports for Jack for the meantime. Jack now uses crutches and is a wheelchair user. On his return to UK for the summer this year Jack will collect his very first hand cycle. They are leaving Hong Kong in December 2017 and plan to use his hand-cycle on sponsored rides for Perthes sufferers. Jack’s family are setting up a charity ‘Pedal Through Perthes’ to fund raise in both UK and HK before they leave HK in Dec 2017 to embark on a fundraising venture through Mongolia and Europe before returning to live in Edinburgh. I am very honoured to have this young man join me in London.

Matthew Wing (Cycling Project)

Matthew Co-ordinator, Surrey Wheels for All the Surrey Wheels for All project is an all-inclusive cycling project dedicated to offering people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience the benefits of cycling. They provide a fun and safe environment with a range of adapted cycles such as; trikes, quads, hand cycles and adapted tandems. The project is run by the National Inclusive Cycling Charity, Cycling Projects & sets out to remove barriers to cycling, especially for people with disabilities. Matthew has ridden across Britain and Russia, but gets most enjoyment helping others on to a bike.

Gary Dawson Peer Support Service (SIA Spinal Injuries Association)

Gary sustained a spinal cord injury after falling off his motorbike in 2003, which left him T6 complete. Following time spent in three different hospitals, he was eventually admitted into Southport SCI Centre where he undertook his rehab. Since leaving hospital Gary has worked hard to regain his independence and now has his own home and enjoys a full and exciting life, which includes travelling, playing basketball in Europe and even flying a glider!

How to access the Peer Support Service

Whether you’re recently injured and still in hospital, or are living back in the community and would welcome some additional support, our Peer Support Officer is here to help. If you think you/your family would benefit from talking to someone who understands your situation then call Gary on 07964 457985 or email him at

Cefn Micheal Doyle (Crawley Wheelers)

Cefn injured his leg playing his favourite sport rugby. He dislocated his knee and tore a ligament. Doctor said it will take him at least 6 months before he will be able to ride his bike. He became very down as he is pretty much stuck indoors and can’t even work. Cefn loves cycling outdoors and this year he done more than 1000 miles on his bike. I was only too pleased to help Cefn out with one of our hand-cycles until he is fit enough to ride his bike again.


James Collins General Manager (Gym Group Crawley)

The fact that Rob is helping to raise awareness of disability in sport, and saving our oceans is fantastic and why the Gym Group Crawley support Rob in his amazing challenge. We would all here at the gym in Crawley like to wish Rob the best of luck with his 2,500 miles challenge this summer and we will be there to support him every step of the way.