You’re Quest4Hope

I invite you to take on your very own Quest4hope. Invent your own challenge, It doesn’t matter how small or large it may seem, as long as it feels exciting, challenging and something that takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone. You may need a few drops of courage to face some fear and get started, but I am sure your journey will be special and that seemingly magical things will unfold. It could be any journey that inspires you, or whatever you choose to stretch yourself, have fun with friends, raise funds for a good cause and never give up on HOPE.

If you would like to organize a Quest4hope challenge for your school, community or organization, or for a group of friends, please let me know so that I can share it and encourage others to join.

And if you are considering taking on a challenge for yourself

When I was first part paralysed it was hard to imagine I could ever learn to sit up in bed without the use of my abdominal muscles, or get dressed myself. The idea of hand-cycling was no-where on my radar! Everything in life comes step by step. When we accomplish one small thing that we never imagined possible, then our mind extends to consider what next. I’m intimidated by the prospect of Quest4hope just now, but experience tells me that with belief in self, in the strength of our spirit, in our ability to overcome, and with the kindness of people, many things become possible and hope becomes a reality.

Share your story!

Inspiration is contagious. When you do something surprising to yourself and share that experience, it stirs others to do the same. So, we’d love to hear all about your Quest4hope experiences, please share your stories via our Quest4hope Facebook page.